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Chemistry Department, Yonsei University

의욕있는 학부생, 대학원생들의 참여를 언제나 환영합니다.

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Please feel free to contact if you have any questions regarding undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral positions in our group.


Our research interests are focused on the development of the new generation of heterogeneous catalysts, optics, chemical and biological sensors, and gas-storages based upon nano-, micro-, macro-scaled porous metal-organic framework (MOF) and coordination polymer materials.

The important components in our lab are as follow:

  • Design and synthesis of the organic and inorganic molecules with desired functionalities

  • Construction of the MOFs and coordination polymers with desired structures

  • Characterization and development of the created small molecules, MOFs and coordination polymers to achieve desired chemical and physical properties

  • Tests and applications of the generated nano-, micro-, and macro-scaled porous MOFs and coordination polymer materials

  • Invention of the nano and micro-sized materials from the porous MOFs and coordination polymers

The main applications of the developed porous materials are heterogeneous catalysts (immobilization of homogeneous catalysts), optics, chemical & biological sensors, gas-storages and recognition & separation of bio-molecules.

Details of research are in research menu.



Group Schedule





Monthly Group Presentation

오소진 C8, 이수정 C8

Monthly Group Presentation

​이지현 C5, 권혜진 M2, 전혜지 M2

Monthly Group Presentation

오소진 C8, 이수정 C8

Prof. Oh, Moonhyun, Coordination polymer materials Lab, Department of Chemistry Yonsei University, Seoul 120-749, Korea

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